by Phil MacMichael — February 29, 2008

Giddiuuup Charlie. . . . steady now . . . Geeee a little, OK whhoooa! Now to pull this cultivator around and start back. Haw, Charlie, now Giddiupp and we’ll do the next row. This is 1940 and I’m 13 years old, working on my Uncle Nelson’s (MacMichael) farm in Almond. The first one south of town. (The one Don Heers later bought, where Horsetraders Conventions were held for years). I’m cultivating the corn, row by row, walking behind a one-horse cultivator. My uncle is on the other side of the field with his horse, Maude, coming the other way. Each row takes quite a few minutes and quite a few shouts to keep Charlie from stepping on the tender corn stalks, although I have the reins around my neck and shoulders so a quick grab on either one usually reminds him.

Reflections on Yesteryears (pdf file)