Allegany County Historian Craig Braack will be the speaker at the Sunday, November 17 meeting of the Almond Historical Society.   The 1830s Hagadorn House Museum located at 7 Main Street will be open from 2 to 5 p.m., with Craig’s talk set for 3 p.m   His topic will be “Architectural Styles of Almond Homes.” 

Craig’s lively and informative presentations are popular among historical societies and civic groups, where he speaks more than eighty times a year.  “My program on the architectural styles of homes in our Almond area will be a ‘photographic tour’ of the area.  The houses shown will be familiar to most people.  We’ll see examples of Georgian, Greek Revival, Italianate, Gothic Revival, Mansard and Queen Anne.  These styles were popular in the country from about 1750 to 1910.  Non descript (for lack of a better  term) houses of the 20th century will also be included, albeit briefly, with these houses generally called one-story ranch homes,” Craig explained.

At 2:30, AHS members will gather for the annual meeting, which will be conducted by Louise Schwartz in the absence of President Lee A. Ryan.   Officers will be elected for 2014.   

Cindy Banker is in charge of refreshments.  The public is invited to attend.