You don’t want to miss the Almond Historical Society’s November 23 meeting! One of our “favorite sons”, Craig Braack, will once again treat his audience to an inspiring talk, “A Lincoln Tribute and the Gettysburg Address”. The meeting will be held in the 1830s Hagadorn House, located at the corner of Main and Karrdale Ave. The house and the new office/archives building will be open for tours from 2-5 p.m.

An added feature at this meeting will be Jessica Norris of Almond, who will actually present The Gettysburg Address. Jessica is home-schooled by her mom, Brooke Norris, and has been the participant and winner of several speaking contests. She has also appeared before the Allegany County Legislature as a special presenter, after which the attendees gave her a standing ovation!

Braack, the Allegany County Historian, explained: “Most of the program will be about my trip to Gettysburg National Cemetery for the 150th anniversary celebration of the Address on November 19, 2013.  The crowd of 15,000 was most impressive. I’ll also cover the Lincoln family’s contribution for the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota.”

The annual meeting for AHS members will begin at 2:30, and will include election of officers for 2015. Present officers are: Lee A. Ryan, president; Helen Spencer, vice president; Donna B. Ryan, secretary; Teresa Johnson, treasurer; and board members Bob and Louise Schwartz, Cindy Banker, Brad Hager, Mike Baker, and Kim Costello.

Come early — Craig’s program is always a standing room only event, and Jessica’s presentation is very impressive. The program will begin speaking at 3 pm. Refreshments will be served by Cindy Banker.