Van Vechten House, circa 1690

(Submitted by Diane Michell.)

Van Vechten HouseThe Van Vechten house was built in 1690 by my 8th great-grandfather, Dirck Thunesse Van Veghten (Vechten).  (Note the different spellings of the name, it was commonly spelled both ways.)   The house was in the middle of restoration and the photos were taken by Al McKinlay.

Van Vechten House

Al McKinlay lives on a farm built in 1753 by Hubartus Van Vechten, his 4th great-grandfather (my 5th great-grandfather).  The farm has continuously been occupied by Van Vechten descendants up to the present day.

These photos were taken before the property renovation was completed.

A real estate brochure (pdf) shows the property after renovation.

Van Vechten House, drawing

This black & white drawing was found in one of the books on the history of the Van Vechtens in the Holland Society library in New York.

"The Van Vechten House, Catskill, New York", painting by Frederick Edwin Church

“The Van Vechten House, Catskill, New York”, painting by Frederick Edwin Church is owned by the Olana State Historic Site in New York. The Olana State Historic Site features the Hudson River home of Frederic Edwin Church.

Cemeteries of Van Vechten:

Van Vechten Cemetery (Located on McDougall Road in Town of Florida, Montgomery County)

Van Vechten Family Cemetery – Town of Catskill, Greene County, NY