Update on Hagadorn House Building Project


Senator Cathy Young, who represents us in the 57th district, New York Senate, visited the Hagadorn House, home of the Almond Historical Society, in July as a guest of the AHS building project committee.

The committee is seeking information on grants that might be available to help in funding the new office/archives building which will be built on the side lawn next to the Hagadorn House.

Senator Young’s visit was posted on her facebook page, with this review:

Senator Young received a tour recently of the The Hagadorn House, home of the Almond Historical Society in Almond, NY. For over 45 years, The Almond Historical Society has been dedicated to discovering, collecting and preserving historical materials that explain or illustrate the settlement of the Almond community, its growth and progress during all the years of its existence. Visitors of The Hagadorn House can view collected printed materials such as histories, genealogies, biographies, gazetteers, directories, newspapers, etc. Also manuscript materials such as letters, diaries, account books, journals and museum materials such as pictures, photographs, paintings and portraits, aboriginal relics and other materials are on hand.

GROUP PHOTO--  Front row, l/r:  Doris Montgomery, Senator Cathy Young, Donna Ryan, Lee A. Ryan; Back row, l/r:  Mike Baker, Brad Hager, Karl Grantier
GROUP PHOTO– Front row, l/r: Doris Montgomery, Senator Cathy Young, Donna Ryan, Lee A. Ryan; Back row, l/r: Mike Baker, Brad Hager, Karl Grantier

In a letter received by the AHS later, she noted that no grant funding is currently available, but she instructed the AHS to complete an application and submit to her office, which she will review following the 2012-13 New York State budget passage. She also wrote: “I strongly support all of the important work that you do and appreciate the valuable services you provide. Thank you for contacting my office.”

Brad Hager of Hager Engineering has drawn the plans up for the 28×42 structure, and Almond Village Planning Board approval has been granted, pending codes enforcement elevation agreement. It is expected that David Gillette will begin construction soon.

President Lee A. Ryan noted: “The AHS is seeking financial assistance for this extensive building project, which will help us construct a separate building, designed with a one-room schoolhouse look, that will safely store the irreplaceable records and memorabilia which document the history of Almond. Located at ground floor, the new handicap accessible structure will replace the current upstairs small office and will provide much-needed work space and storage space. Donations are tax deductible, and memorial contributions will be gladly accepted,” he said.